The European Super League proposal was a staged event

The events of the last few days in football have been astonishing. There are red flags that suggest the event was staged from beginning to end.

The Inexplicably Incompetent Launch

Here is how a BBC reporter describes the announcement of a new European Super League (article 21st April):

It would be naive to think discussions around a European Super League (ESL) have not been happening for some considerable time. It was also fairly obvious criticism would swiftly follow the announcement of the proposed competition.

Given that backdrop, a swift, positive message had to be delivered early to counter the negativity.

Instead, after the first rumours began to surface on Thursday and then the first reports were published on Sunday lunchtime, there was nothing official from the Super League camp until 23:11 BST later that day. Then, Real Madrid president and proposed Super League chairman Florentino Perez gave an interview with a Spanish media outlet in the early hours.

There were no more statements or interviews given by executives of the 12 clubs prior to project collapsing on Tuesday night.

Instead, the vacuum was filled with negativity – from fans, media, players and managers.

Even Prime Ministers and Presidents condemned it, as did Prince William. There was no attempt other than from Perez to explain what the 12 clubs viewed as the positives. By Monday evening, the narrative was set and it already felt impossible to change it.

This is not some minor PR mishap. You would have to be a marketing idiot to think dropping one press release, with no supporting materials, and then being silent for three days, is a good plan for a product launch. These billion-dollar clubs have large marketing budgets and lots of highly-paid and highly-skilled people working for them. If this was a serious proposal, this must surely go down as the biggest PR blunder in history.

In reality, they would not launch it like this. Press teams at all the clubs would be armed with the party line, and ready to address the many inevitable questions from fans. They would be all over traditional media and social media defending the plan to the public. They would have football celebrities promoting it, brand ambassadors, adverts, FAQs, etc. The selling points of the proposal would be clear and simple, and repeated often. They would be pushing hard their message: this is good for football, and has x, y, z benefits, etc. They would be all over it, a marketing blitz.

The “drop a press release and then stay quiet” method of product launch being so incredibly dumb is strong evidence that this product was designed to fail.

The Worst Press Release in History

The 18th April press release from The Super League is here. It is badly written beyond belief. It seems to be deliberately confusing, leaving many obvious unanswered questions. Here is how it starts:

Twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs have today come together to announce they have agreed to establish a new mid-week competition, the Super League, governed by its Founding Clubs.

AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid CF and Tottenham Hotspur have all joined as Founding Clubs. It is anticipated that a further three clubs will join ahead of the inaugural season, which is intended to commence as soon as practicable.

What the heck does “anticipated” mean? Who are the other three clubs? Why aren’t they on the list already? Have they been chosen? How are they being chosen? What if they can’t find three more, will the league go ahead with 12? If this were a serious product launch, these things would all be resolved. There would be no uncertainty on something of this importance.

Then we get this strange paragraph:

Going forward, the Founding Clubs look forward to holding discussions with UEFA and FIFA to work together in partnership to deliver the best outcomes for the new League and for football as a whole.

That almost sounds like a threat, or at least hints at some rivalry or antagonistic relationships at the heart of football. Maybe there are, but don’t put that in a press release of a new product!

Then we have this:

The formation of the Super League comes at a time when the global pandemic has accelerated the instability in the existing European football economic model. Further, for a number of years, the Founding Clubs have had the objective of improving the quality and intensity of existing European competitions throughout each season, and of creating a format for top clubs and players to compete on a regular basis.

The pandemic has shown that a strategic vision and a sustainable commercial approach are required to enhance value and support for the benefit of the entire European football pyramid. In recent months extensive dialogue has taken place with football stakeholders regarding the future format of European competitions. The Founding Clubs believe the solutions proposed following these talks do not solve fundamental issues, including the need to provide higher-quality matches and additional financial resources for the overall football pyramid.

It is poorly written, and full of jargon and management-speak. It isn’t really saying anything at all. The last sentence is especially hard to parse. Are these supposed to be the justifications for launching this product? It’s just confusing. This whole press release has not been written with clarity of communication in mind.

The press release then has this section, titled “Competition Format”:

20 participating clubs with 15 Founding Clubs and a qualifying mechanism for a further five teams to qualify annually based on achievements in the prior season.

Midweek fixtures with all participating clubs continuing to compete in their respective national leagues, preserving the traditional domestic match calendar which remains at the heart of the club game.

An August start with clubs participating in two groups of ten, playing home and away fixtures, with the top three in each group automatically qualifying for the quarter finals. Teams finishing fourth and fifth will then compete in a two-legged play-off for the remaining quarter-final positions. A two-leg knockout format will be used to reach the final at the end of May, which will be staged as a single fixture at a neutral venue.

There are so many obvious questions about this that fans will want to know. Where are the 5 extra teams picked from? What is the qualifying mechanism? Will the clubs still field their best players in the domestic league? These things are quite obviously what fans will be asking, and no answers are provided.

Next we have this remarkable sentence:

As soon as practicable after the start of the men’s competition, a corresponding women’s league will also be launched, helping to advance and develop the women’s game.

As if it wasn’t already confusing enough, they now invite a whole load of questions about the women’s league. What does “as soon as practicable” mean? For maximum woke points, why not launch them both at the same time? If there aren’t concrete plans yet, don’t mention it, save it for an FAQ. A press release launching a serious product would stick to the product actually being launched.

Despite this being a press release about a new product, we haven’t actually been presented with any benefits yet. Next comes this extraordinary paragraph:

The new annual tournament will provide significantly greater economic growth and support for European football via a long-term commitment to uncapped solidarity payments which will grow in line with league revenues. These solidarity payments will be substantially higher than those generated by the current European competition and are expected to be in excess of €10 billion during the course of the initial commitment period of the Clubs. In addition, the competition will be built on a sustainable financial foundation with all Founding Clubs signing up to a spending framework. In exchange for their commitment, Founding Clubs will receive an amount of €3.5 billion solely to support their infrastructure investment plans and to offset the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Solidarity payments are paid to the clubs in the league. They are talking about the benefits to themselves! They call bigger payments to the biggest clubs “support for European football”. This paragraph tells us the 12 Founding Clubs expect to be a lot better off because of this deal. Well, great for them! Of course you are going to get accused of being greedy if you brag in your own press release about how much extra money you are going to make from your new product. No benefits to fans or grassroots football are mentioned in the entire press release.

The final part of the press release is three quotes, from the heads of three of the clubs in the scheme.

Florentino Pérez, President Real Madrid CF and the first Chairman of the Super League said:

“We will help football at every level and take it to its rightful place in the world. Football is the only global sport in the world with more than four billion fans and our responsibility as big clubs is to respond to their desires.”

He presents this new league as a deliberate pivot away from local fans and towards a global audience, motivated by money. This quote seems designed to irritate fans.

Backing the new European league, Andrea Agnelli, Chairman of Juventus and Vice-Chairman of the Super League said:

“Our 12 Founder clubs represent billions of fans across the globe and 99 European trophies. We have come together at this critical moment, enabling European competition to be transformed, putting the game we love on a sustainable footing for the long-term future, substantially increasing solidarity, and giving fans and amateur players a regular flow of headline fixtures that will feed their passion for the game while providing them with engaging role models.”

More drivel and jargon. Are “solidarity” and “role models” really what football fans think is missing from the game? Do fans want “a regular flow” of games between the same 15 rich clubs every year? Even I know the answer is no. “Amateur players” are mentioned, but without explanation how they might benefit.

Joel Glazer, Co-Chairman of Manchester United and Vice-Chairman of the Super League said:

“By bringing together the world’s greatest clubs and players to play each other throughout the season, the Super League will open a new chapter for European football, ensuring world-class competition and facilities, and increased financial support for the wider football pyramid.”

Finally, in the very last sentence of the press release, we have something fans actually care about: more money for the small clubs and the grassroots. But what does Mr Glazer mean by “increased financial support”? If this were a serious proposal, the entire press release would have been written with that as the headline and a thorough explanation of how exactly the new league is going to result in benefits for the wider football pyramid.

If this was a genuine product launch, this is quite possibly the worst press release ever written. It is beyond credulity that this is just incompetence.

An Unbelievable Political Gift

Another red flag that this was a staged event is the role played by the media and the politicians. The press release was made at lunchtime and this BBC article was posted at 4:57pm. It is a not a report about the new league, but about the reaction to it. No mainstream media sources I can find reported the announcement in a positive way, or even neutrally. No one was advocating or defending the product.

From the very beginning, the story was not “a new league is being set up”. The story was “greedy capitalists are choosing profits over the wishes of fans, and this will destroy football”. The story was political from the very start. The media were not primarily quoting football experts or fans on the matter, but politicians. The first person quoted in the BBC article was not Gary Lineker, but Boris Johnson. The article goes on to quote two more politicians: Oliver Dowden and Keir Starmer.

Why are politicians even involved? Because this whole affair is the most unbelievable political gift. A cause with near-universal support is an opportunity not to be missed. The politicians were falling over themselves to side with the fans against the “greedy capitalists”. It is too good to be true.

Here is Boris Johnson’s tweet:

In the context of increasing rebellion against the police state measures being imposed in the UK, this is a dream for Boris Johnson. His popularity will have gone up as a result of his “swift, decisive actions” on this issue. Many other politicians will have likewise benefited (and obviously none of them spoke in support of the new league).

In his tweet, Boris Johnson is clearly not just speaking as a fan, who happens to be Prime Minister. He is speaking on behalf of the government, and pledging the power of the state to support football authorities in “taking action”. Over the coming months and years, we shall find out what this really means.

The politicians keenly pointed to the German model of fan-ownership of clubs as the solution to this “problem”. Some, like Jeremy Corbyn, have been outspoken on this issue before and are now claiming vindication. It seems likely that in the near future the power of the state will be used to transfer control of the clubs from the existing owners to supporters trusts.

This action would, of course, be very popular. The danger is not how the power of the state will be used in this case (football), but how it will be used more widely. If there is a supposed need to enforce “community ownership” of football clubs, why not do they same in other industries, they will say. For years to come, politicians and statists will hold football up as an example of why we need more communism.

An Alternative Explanation

The mainstream story here is that these 12 multi-billion dollar clubs committed the most monumental business misjudgement in corporate history. The Super League will replace New Coke as the go-to example of a failed product launch. The biggest football clubs in the world apparently decided the best way to launch their new product was to announce it in a press release. It was probably the worst press release in history. They had no supporting materials and no ambassadors. Then they kept quiet for 48 hours, while outrage dominated the conversation. Then, supposedly “underestimating” how strongly the fans feel, they apologetically pretend they have listened to the fans and abandon the idea. This is an incredible story – literally.

I humbly suggest an alternative explanation. That this was a staged event, never a serious proposal. It was always going to be “abandoned” after 48 hours, once the announcement had had the desired effect. This explanation seems more credible to me than the “incompetence theory”. The details of how it was carried out will no doubt emerge as investigations are carried out. It appears the billionaire owners of these 12 clubs decided the damage to their reputation (and likely future loss of ownership of the club) was worth it.

What might the owners have been offered to do this? I don’t know. That would require more digging into who they are and what interests they have. I do not expect it will take long to find evidence of corruption and associations between these club owners and the billionaire global elites trying to bring about The Great Reset.


The “European Super League” was not a serious proposal. It was designed to fail. The clubs did not make a “mistake” that they rectified a few days later. It was designed to create exactly the backlash that it did create. It was planned to be “abandoned” shortly after the announcement. It was political. I see no other reasonable explanation for the events of this week.

Short Answers to Big Questions

Covid-19 is a big lie. It is a crisis manufactured as a pretext to justify lockdowns. We are surrounded by big lies.

If you are only now recognising this truth, this post is for you. You probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  • What is going on?
  • Why is this happening?
  • How is this happening?
  • What else are we being lied to about?
  • How do we change this?

I may be able to help. Below are my short(ish) answers, based on many years of research, to these five big questions.

What is going on?

A small group of enormously powerful and ultra-wealthy individuals are covertly influencing world events through their control of political systems. These Elites – in a multi-generational project going back at least 150 years and planned out for at least the next 100 years – have moulded society so that it works primarily to benefit themselves, rather than the broad masses. Their goal is permanent world domination.

2020 was a transitional year in their long-term project. They carefully planned to lockdown every society in the world, and they successfully executed their plan using Covid-19 as a pretext. This new phase of their plan is being branded as “The Great Reset” and is described in Klaus Schwab’s book of that name, with Prince Charles as brand ambassador for the plan. It is a new name for a vision and plan that used to be kept secret and known as “The New World Order”. UN Agenda 2030 (formerly UN Agenda 21) is the Elites’ inventory-and-control plan for this decade.

Why is this happening?

The ideology that unifies and motivates these Elites is eugenics. They believe that through selective breeding, the human species can be “improved”. They also consider themselves to be genetically superior to everyone else. Once they have achieved their goal of world domination, their plan is to take control of all human reproduction, so that they can limit and reduce populations of the groups they consider to be “unfit” – everyone but themselves.

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” (1932) is the long-term vision of the Elites. We have already moved a long way towards it in the time since the book was written. In the story, there is an elite group of World Controllers, who have created a highly efficient form of slavery. The Elites control the masses by making them love their own enslavement. The clever use of mind control (conditioning, brainwashing, propaganda) enhanced by pharmacological methods (vaccines, medications, drugs) means there is no need for physical force to be used against the slaves, and no risk that the Elite power structure will ever be challenged.

The most striking element of Brave New World is that the slaves are perfectly happy and have no desire to free themselves, if they even notice they are slaves at all. They have easy jobs, accommodation, and access to all the food, drugs, and entertainment they could desire, it all being provided “for free” by the State. They enjoy their lives too much to value abstractions like liberty. The truth is not concealed from them; there is no censorship of ideas or information, because there is no need for it. The conditioned masses do not care what the truth is, and do not see any reason to read or learn or think outside their specialisation. They consider broad learning to be complete once their conditioning period (youth) is over.

The Great Reset is designed to shift the world another step toward the kind of society in Brave New World, by initiating an age of transhumanism. Central to the agenda is to create “a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities”. The Covid-19 “vaccines” are part of this process. They are not vaccines, because they contain no antigen. Moderna describes its product as mRNA software for the human body. It is the first of many “vaccines” that will be produced in this decade to transform the human body into a new form, augmented by technology.

We are living through the creation of a global control grid designed to enable the Elites to rule indefinitely, with no chance that the enslaved masses will ever be able to challenge their power. We are being conditioned to love our servitude. We are being modified by biotechnology and pharmaceutical methods to make us easier to control.

How is this happening?

The Elites carry out their agenda by promoting ideologies that allow them to achieve their objectives. They transmit these ideologies to the masses through the universities, the mainstream media, and the schools. Eugenics itself was openly promoted and popular in the early 20th century; some states, including California, passed forced sterilization laws, explicitly to prevent the breeding of the “unfit”. After 1945, eugenics had to be promoted more covertly because of its association with Nazism. Some of the ideologies that were created by or heavily promoted by the Elites to covertly control and reduce the growth of the human population are: environmentalism, feminism, egalitarianism, abortion and birth control, transgenderism, unrestricted migration, and veganism.

The interests of Elites have changed over time because different ideologies are needed to achieve each step in their plan. For example, prior to 1945, nationalism was heavily promoted by the Elites. This was to bring about two world wars and the establishment of a global government: the UN and its specialised agencies the World Bank, WTO, WHO, FAO, ILO, and UNESCO.  Once these global government power structures were in place, the Elites no longer benefitted from nationalism and they switched to promoting globalist “one world” ideology. This enabled a gradual process of transferring power from national governments to the global government, some via regional political unions like the European Union and African Union.

The political ideologies of the 20th century that we are told were in opposition to each other were all controlled by the Elites. They were ultimately experiments conducted by the Elites to figure out how best to control a society. A mixture of socialism and capitalism with heavy state intervention emerged as the most successful system of control. Democracy and the political party system, along with an elaborate system of vetting, bribery, and blackmail, is how the Elites ensure that all national political leaders are loyal to them. National elections are used to create the illusion of choice and control by the people; the real power resides in the Deep State. State regulatory agencies create cartels in industry (big banks, big energy, big pharma, big tech, etc); a permanent partnership between the state and the corporations.

What else are we being lied to about?

Scientific myths are deliberately created and promoted by the Elites because they allow them to execute key steps in their plan to dominate the world. The natural/physical sciences – especially human biology, nutrition, health, and reproduction – are heavily corrupted to promote the interests of the Elites. Some of these scientific myths include: that humans are causing climate change, that carbon-based fuels are running out, that an animal-based diet is unhealthy, that vaccinations are safe and effective, that diseases are caused by germs, and that gender is a spectrum.

The biggest myth of all is that the Earth is overpopulated – conditioning people to believe that population reduction is a good thing, and that human sacrifices are required in order to “save the planet”.

The Elites have programs actively poisoning us. These include the fluoride in the water, the aluminum in the vaccines, the many poisons used in food production, and the chemical spraying of the air. These toxins are responsible for chronic diseases and mental disorders, and create chemical dependency on pharmaceutical products sold as cures and remedies. Meanwhile, natural methods to prevent illness and cure diseases are ignored or ridiculed in the mainstream.

The humanities – economics, political philosophy, sociology, psychology, and especially history – are even more heavily corrupted by the Elites.  Much of mainstream history – at least of the last 150 years – is fake; the key events of history did not take place in the way we are told, or for the reasons we have been given.

For example, President John F Kennedy was not assassinated by a lone gunman; there was a conspiracy involving the Elites to murder him, because he was becoming trouble to them. The President’s brother Robert and son John Jr were also assassinated by the Elites. Many people have been assassinated over the years when they threatened the power structure too much, such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto, and David Kelly.

The New York World Trade Center was destroyed by explosives in 2001 to begin the War on Terror, the next step in the Elites’ plan for world domination. The Madrid (2004) and London (2005) bombings were also engineered by the Elites to maintain the terror. The Elites also executed many earlier terrorist attacks, such as the Bologna (1980) bombing, part of a campaign of CIA/NATO-led terrorism in Italy and Western Europe, and the World Trade Center (1993) and Oklahoma City (1995) bombings.

Wars are almost always started using either a false flag attack (such as the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 that started the Third Arab-Israeli War), a facilitated attack (such as the sinking of the Lusitania in 1917 and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 that got the US into the World Wars), or a fabricated attack (such the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1963 that started the Vietnam War). Sometimes lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction are all that is needed. All wars are conducted to benefit the Elites.

How do we change this?

The most urgent action is to protect ourselves from the chemical warfare that is being used against us. This means taking care of our bodies and our minds. Eat a healthy diet, including lots of meat, fish, eggs, and butter, and avoiding sugar, vegetable oils, and processed food of any kind.  Avoid toxins as much as possible: filter your water, avoid cleaning products, and stop using any prescription drugs or any harmful addictive drugs.  Spend time outside in the sun and fresh air. Exercise. Get plenty of sleep. Meditate. Reduce your exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies. Socialise. Do not restrict your breathing by wearing a mask. Refuse all vaccines, mRNA software injections, and implanted microchips, nanobots, and neurolinks. Nourish your body in every way you can; nature designed it very well, but if it is starved of nutrients or overloaded with toxins, it will not function properly.

The way the Elites took control was by influencing the ideas of the masses. Their evil plan for world domination can only succeed if they continue to have widespread support from the masses; they can only enslave us because we have been manipulated into demanding our own enslavement. Therefore, we win by taking back control of our own minds, replacing bad ideas with good ideas. We must help each other to escape the mind control: to stop supporting the ideas that enslave us, and to start supporting the ideas that will set us free. Ideas shape the world. It is up to us to ensure that good ideas prevail over bad ideas. When the people stop demanding slavery and start demanding freedom, it will inevitably come about.

The priority must be to educate ourselves and each other. We must learn to see the world as it really is, to see through the big lies. We must accept the existence of the Elites and the extent of their control over political systems. They are fighting a war against us, but most of the population remains oblivious. We must all learn who these enemies of free humanity are, what they want, how they operate, and what their plans are. This is all too much for any one individual, so we must help and support each other, share ideas, discuss, and debate.

In my opinion, the following four strategies to decentralise power are good ideas that can be implemented right now, to help turn things around:

  • Unschooling. Educate children outside of school and reject the methods of schooling.
  • Agorism. Covertly engage in peaceful forbidden activities.
  • Disobedience. Openly engage in peaceful activities that undermine the state.
  • Secession. Support any group that wishes to declare independence from a larger political unit.


Escaping the mind control matrix can be dizzying and terrifying. To choose the red pill, the way out of the matrix, is to choose to go on a journey of enlightenment. It means unlearning a lot of what you previously thought was true, and reforming a worldview based on a solid foundation of truth.

It is hard giving up views and causes that we once firmly and vocally believed in, and leaders we once followed. But the process of escaping the matrix is worth it in the end. As scary as it is, it is better to know what is really happening in the world today, so that we can prepare for what is coming next, and resist it.

P.S. If you think anything I’ve said above is “nonsense conspiracy theory” or “pseudoscience”, let’s discuss the arguments and the evidence, without making appeals to authority or ad hominems. We have been lied to for so long that it can be hard to figure out what is real and what is a lie. I have found the best way to discover the truth is to discuss it with others and learn from each other. Let’s talk.

The Big Lie Effect

The broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.

It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.  Even though the facts which prove this to be so, may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

The concept of the Big Lie, described in the above quote, explains why so many people are willing to believe that small lies/conspiracies exist (such as a snooker club being deliberately destroyed as insurance fraud), but are unwilling to believe that big lies/conspiracies exist (such as the World Trade Center being deliberately destroyed as a pretext for the war on terror).

They can conceive of small lies/conspiracies, because they can imagine themselves doing it, or something similar, if they were desperate, and not quite so morally upstanding. In many cases, they will accept the existence of small lies/conspiracies even with no evidence at all, relying purely on their intuition about human nature and the motives at play.

They cannot conceive of big lies/conspiracies, because they would personally never be evil/bold/shameless enough to tell and maintain a big lie, and they assume the same is true of everyone. They cannot conceive of any big lie/conspiracy being possible to maintain, so they assert that no big lie/conspiracy exists, without considering any evidence. The effect is so powerful, they will go to great lengths to avoid looking at any evidence that contradicts their faith that Big Lies are impossible.

The Big Lie effect is part of the explanation of how evil conspiracies can be and are successfully maintained. The moral goodness of the masses is what makes them vulnerable to the Big Lie effect.

Giving Up On Finding Out The Truth

“Flood the zone” is the name of a communications strategy that seeks to overwhelm people with information so that they give up on finding out the truth.

The following are excerpts from the Vox article “Flood the zone: How misinformation overwhelmed our democracy”.

We live in a media ecosystem that overwhelms people with information. Some of that information is accurate, some of it is bogus, and much of it is intentionally misleading. The result is a polity that has increasingly given up on finding out the truth. As Sabrina Tavernise and Aidan Gardiner put it in a New York Times piece, “people are numb and disoriented, struggling to discern what is real in a sea of slant, fake, and fact.”

The core challenge we’re facing today is information saturation and a hackable media system. If you follow politics at all, you know how exhausting the environment is. The sheer volume of content, the dizzying number of narratives and counternarratives, and the pace of the news cycle are too much for anyone to process.

One response to this situation is to walk away and tune everything out. After all, it takes real effort to comb through the b*******t, and most people have busy lives and limited bandwidth. Another reaction is to retreat into tribal allegiances. There’s Team Liberal and Team Conservative and pretty much everyone knows which side they’re on. So you stick to the places that feed you the information you most want to hear.

The foundation for shared truth… has collapsed. We’re in an age of manufactured nihilism. The issue for many people isn’t exactly a denial of truth as such. It’s more a growing weariness over the process of finding the truth at all. And that weariness leads more and more people to abandon the idea that the truth is knowable.

I call this “manufactured” because it’s the consequence of a deliberate strategy… For most of recent history, the goal of propaganda was to reinforce a consistent narrative. But zone-flooding takes a different approach: It seeks to disorient audiences with an avalanche of competing stories.

And it produces a certain nihilism in which people are so skeptical about the possibility of finding the truth that they give up the search… Putin uses the media to engineer a fog of disinformation, producing just enough distrust to ensure that the public can never mobilize around a coherent narrative… The goal, he told me, wasn’t to sell an ideology or a vision of the future; instead, it was to convince people that “the truth is unknowable” and that the only sensible choice is “to follow a strong leader.”

One consequence of pervasive confusion about what’s happening is that people feel more comfortable siding with their political tribe. If everything’s up for grabs, and it’s hard to sift through the competing narratives to find the truth, then there’s nothing left but culture war politics. There’s “us” and “them” and the possibility of persuasion is off the table.

2020 has been the year when the flood the zone communications strategy really came to fruition. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, because it was discussed at the covid dress rehearsal in October 2019. The globalists had a plan to deal with the inevitable dissenters from the narrative they intended to promote (a deadly pandemic)… they rejected the idea of limited internet shutdowns (restricting information), boldly opting instead to flood the zone (overwhelming people with information).

Victims of the flood the zone strategy have given up on finding out the truth and therefore:

  • believe they must “stay in their lane” and “trust the experts”, and that to oppose the view of the experts presented by the state and mainstream media is irresponsible or immoral
  • make no attempts to assess arguments and evidence for themselves as the basis for their opinions and feel incapable of doing so
  • believe the only opinions that have value are those of people with the highest credentials in the relevant subfield
  • have no opinions outside the narrow politically-correct range presented in the mainstream media
  • have no interest the vast range of opinions, arguments and evidence to be found in the intellectual dark web and alternative media
  • have redefined truth as whatever the highest authority says, and may even explicitly deny the existence of truth, believing everything is a matter of “perspective” and that each of us can have our “own truth”.

Friends, don’t give up on finding out the truth!

Arbitrary, inconsistent, petty rules: a sign of authoritarianism

A sign of an authoritarian state is many rules, contradicting each other, with arbitrary enforcement, mostly relying on voluntary compliance through brainwashing and herd mentality, with exceptions for the state and its leaders and cronies.

With so many petty rules to abide by, the people become weary, stop questioning the rules, and stop questioning the purpose of the rules. Justifications for the rules are no longer required or presented.

The men in white coats, the gods calling themselves “the science”, must be followed at all times. This is the technocratic element of the regime. The rule by men is being replaced with rule by “the science”. No contrary views are to be allowed, and anyone with unauthorised views must be shamed and ridiculed, called evil, selfish, stupid, dangerous, and dirty.

People comply with the rules out of habit and to avoid stressful conflicts with the new morality police force, the brainwashed idiots, snitches, and karens of the world, as well as the covid marshalls and covid compliance officers, the new brownshirts.

We are about to go back into full lockdown, and most people have already accepted it as necessary and inevitable, and at this point do not need any justification to be presented. A vague reference to a “second wave”, and a few scary looking projections, will at this point be enough to ensure most of the population complies. They will comply, even though the first lockdown turned out to be pointless, caused many deaths, and resulted in unprecedented economic destruction and misery.

I am impressed by just how quickly the global elites have been able implement the authoritarianism they have this year. Their agenda for global domination has taken a great leap forward.

Lockdowns Don’t Work

In the absence of global government (for now), we have the opportunity to learn from how different national governments have responded to the Covid-19 threat.

The UK vs Sweden

The UK imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, while Sweden did not lockdown at all. Here are the charts for daily deaths per million population for these two countries:

Lockdowns were sold as a way to “flatten the curve” to “protect the NHS” in order to “save lives”. The comparison to Sweden shows that the lockdown did not flatten the curve. The two lines are the same shape: rising at the same time, peaking at the same time, and both falling to almost zero by the beginning of August. The only differences are the peak (UK 40% higher) and the slope of the line downward from the peak (UK fell slightly quicker).

The “second wave” threat

We are faced with the prospect of a second lockdown, in response to a “second wave” that the media have been fearmongering about for months. The first lockdown saved very few lives, if any, from covid. However, this evidence is apparently being dismissed and the dials of tyranny are being turned up again in the UK: meetings of groups above six are banned from this week. Lockdown is no longer to be thought of as a binary, but a sliding scale of tools the state now has in it’s toolbox to control people based on the “disease threat level”. It’s an upgrade to the old “terrorist threat level” idea, which has become stale.

Ever since the Cummings incident and the BLM protests/riots, we have been told that a second wave is right around the corner and that we citizens are to blame for it… because we were naughty and did not do as we were told. We were told that people flouting social distancing rules, gathering on beaches, going back to pubs and restaurants, refusing to wear masks, and other expressions of liberty now forbidden or frowned upon, would lead to a second wave. None of these things led to a second wave.

There is no sign of a second wave in either the UK or Sweden, according to the death rates chart. This explains the shift in propaganda messaging from focussing on deaths to focussing on cases. It is no longer about saving lives or protecting the NHS, but about “slowing the spread” of the virus, measured by case numbers.

Even if there is a second wave coming now, those imposing the lockdown can be confident that the public will continue unthinkingly accepting the pronouncements of the men in white coats. Just like in the Milgram experiment, most people will follow an order from an authority figure even when it goes against their own moral code and would be needless and cruel in normal circumstances. Most people will continue obey every command from the authorities: “keep your distance”, “small groups only”, “wear your mask”, “let us track your movements”, “take the vaccine”, and so on.

The general public must continue to believe the lie that they are too stupid to think about these subjects for themselves, and so have no choice but to slavishly follow the commands of the expert scientists the authorities have chosen to present. Most of them won’t question the rules (except to moan about inconsistencies and exceptions, as designed) and they certainly won’t question the goal.

Slowing the spread is the wrong goal

The strongest argument for trying to prevent the spread when the outbreak first occurred was the uncertainty. There was a chance the NHS might get overwhelmed. Now, there is far less uncertainty. We know that the disease is mild, along the lines of a bad seasonal flu, that it did not spread so quickly that it overwhelmed the NHS, and that lockdowns saved no lives. We also know by comparison with Sweden that trying to slow the spread of the disease turned out to be the wrong strategy. The best way to protect those at risk from covid is for the virus to spread quickly among healthy people. Once you have had the illness, you are no longer a threat to grandma.

The so-called “herd immunity” approach was taken by the UK government until the March u-turn, when social distancing and then lockdown were imposed. It was the approach used in Sweden all along. Once there is a high level of herd immunity, the vulnerable are better protected. The data show that Sweden got it right, and the UK (and most every other country) got the strategy wrong. Now, it is time to learn from the mistake and stop trying to slow the spread the virus.

(Herd immunity relies on immunity developing after having covid-19. The evidence so far suggests that those who suffer from covid-19 do indeed develop immunity to it and cannot catch it again. This immunity will probably last for many years, if not decades. See my post: How long does immunity to SARS-Cov-2 last?)

Cases are the wrong metric

Case rate charts are being used when fearmongering for a second wave in the UK. This chart compares the daily case rate for the UK and Sweden:

We can see from the Swedish line that the number of cases is not closely related to the number of deaths: deaths peaked in April and were down over 60% by June, when cases peaked. The following chart shows deaths-per-case:

In both countries, the number of deaths-per-case has fallen from a peak of around 20% to less than 1%. This could be due to better treatment or a difference in the population being diagnosed over time: more vulnerable people were hit sooner, and now most cases are in young and healthy people. It could be due to different testing policies.

Here is a chart of covid daily tests-per-thousand population in the UK and Sweden:

It is unsurprising that the number of cases has risen, given the increase in the number of tests. Case numbers can easily be manipulated by changing the number of tests, who gets tested, what type of test is used, what thresholds are used to define a positive result, and so on. When there is a divergence between the trend in cases and the trend in deaths, it should be the death chart that is considered more reliable.

There is no second wave until evidence for it appears on the deaths chart, and so far that hasn’t happened. It may happen, particularly after administration of this year’s flu shot, given the likelihood that the flu shot weakens the immune system to coronaviruses.


According to the data, the first lockdown did not save any lives from covid. We know it claimed many lives through deaths of despair, and will claim many more due to delayed medical diagnoses and postponed procedures and appointments, for example. It also wrecked the economy (although the effects have mostly been kicked down the road so far) which will cause a load more deaths, as well as poverty and reduced standards of living.

A second lockdown will be just as ineffective as the first, and even more destructive to lives and livelihoods. There are no good arguments in favour of a second lockdown, but unlike with the first lockdown, now the people do not even need to be given arguments or reasons or justifications. They will accept and support a second lockdown and do as instructed by authorities, regardless, and shame those of us who don’t. That is the power of the state’s propaganda machine.

Beware of The Great Reset

The global elites have just announced that they are about to take complete control of the planet and all of humanity – for our benefit.  

They are calling it “The Great Reset”. 

Here is the full 80-minute video of the globalists announcing the plan, with Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles leading the sales pitch.

This 22-minute video by Spiro Skouras contains the key parts of the announcement, then breaks down what is really going on.

The Great Reset is the name of a planned transformation of the global economy, society, and humanity itself, to increase the power of the global elites. The globalists never let a crisis go to waste, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect opportunity for this global transformation to take place.

This is no mere tinkering around the edges of the existing socioeconomic system; it is the replacement of one socioeconomic system by another. It will happen in the 2020s. It represents a giant leap forward in the globalists’ long-term agenda for world domination.

The Great Reset plan has 7 sections:

  1. Shaping the Economic Recovery
  2. Redesigning Social Contracts, Skills and Jobs
  3. Restoring the Health of the Environment
  4. Developing Sustainable Business Models
  5. Revitalizing Global Cooperation
  6. Strengthening Regional Development
  7. Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Details will be announced in January 2021, but it is not hard to guess what the plan will contain. By “Shaping the Economic Recovery”, I expect the following power-centralising economic policies to be rolled out within the next decade, in most developed nations (and all to thunderous applause):

  • expanded state welfare, e.g. subsidised loan payments, furlough payments, childcare credits, income guarantees, state pension increase
  • cancellation of debt, e.g. student debt, third-world debt, high-interest debt, sovereign debt
  • bailouts and/or nationalisations of selected “too big to fail” firms and entire industries, e.g. banks, retailers, media, energy, farming, transport
  • price controls, e.g. rent freezes, maximum price controls on essential goods, minimum wage increases, maximum quantities of items that can be bought, profit and bonus caps
  • new forms of tax, e.g. automation tax, land value tax, wealth tax
  • public works projects, e.g. new transport, energy and communication infrastructure, house building, green cities
  • universal basic income, the most dangerous economic development, since it can so easily be dialled up to become universal dependency on the state

All this state expansion will require unprecedented levels of fiat money to be created in order to fund it, and some national currencies may be destroyed by hyperinflation, intentional or not. The globalists will use a currency crisis (such as in the dollar or euro) as an opportunity to transition to a one world currency that they control. They may not even need a hyperinflation to get the masses to support the idea.

The new global currency will be fully electronic; there will be a global digital central bank, with unlimited capability to create money. Control of monetary systems and central banks is a cornerstone of globalist power today, as it has been for over a century. Currency competition is the last remaining check on central banks’ capability to create money, so a one world currency would amplify that power.

The Great Reset plan is far more than just a change to the economic system. It covers these 50 domains:

  1. Inclusive Design
  2. Taxation
  3. Civic Participation
  4. Justice and Law
  5. LGBTI Inclusion
  6. Gender Parity
  7. Human Rights
  8. Systemic Racism
  9. Future of Energy
  10. Future of Mobility
  11. Forests
  12. Corporate Governance
  13. Batteries
  14. 3D Printing
  15. Circular Economy
  16. Plastics and the Environment
  17. Environment and Natural Resource Security
  18. Advancing Manufacturing and Production
  19. Future of Food
  20. Air Pollution
  21. Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  22. Global Risks
  23. Global Health
  24. Geo-economics
  25. Future of Economic Progress
  26. Geopolitics
  27. Workforce and Employment
  28. International Security
  29. Agile Governance
  30. Sustainable Development
  31. Climate Change
  32. COVID-19
  33. Biodiversity
  34. Aviation, Travel and Tourism
  35. Public Finance and Social Protection
  36. Development Finance
  37. International Trade and Investment
  38. Global Governance
  39. Banking and Capital Markets
  40. Future of Health and Healthcare
  41. Cities and Urbanization
  42. Drones
  43. Future of Computing
  44. Digital Economy and New Value Creation
  45. Digital Identity
  46. Internet Governance
  47. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  48. Future of Media, Entertainment and Culture
  49. The Ocean
  50. Fourth Industrial Revolution

Again, it is not hard to guess what The Great Reset plan will contain in these 50 domains, considering who is behind this plan and that they are trying to enslave the world. I expect the following power-centralising economic policies to be rolled out within the next decade, in most developed nations (again, all to thunderous applause):

  • mandatory vaccinations for children and all adults, and more vaccinations on the schedule, despite growing evidence that vaccines have subtle adverse neurological and immunological effects
  • expansion of the pharmacological state, promoting mass drug addiction and dependency on prescription or illegal drugs, and probably new soma-like wonder drugs sold as cures for mental illnesses
  • expanded climate change mitigation activity, e.g. carbon trading and taxes, land grabs for conservation, natural resource grabs
  • a permanent “disease threat level” control system for instructing the masses and maintaining fear (an upgrade to the familiar “terrorism threat level” ruse, but instead of being a war on terrorism it is a war on selected microorganisms, the perfect invisible enemy for a permanent war)
  • a social behaviour control system for easily adjusting local prevailing rules/norms on social distancing, sport and entertainment events, social gatherings, mask-wearing, business operating rules, mandatory tracking app requirements, curfews, local quarantines, etc, all based on disease threat level.
  • travel and access restrictions for individuals designated “dangerous” and “dirty” enemies of the state, e.g. vaccine refusers, mask refusers, those who ignore social distancing norms, requirements to prove health and vaccination status
  • social credit scoring, i.e. a reputation system which can be used to isolate any enemies of the state, or anyone belonging to the wrong identity group, or anyone who has broken social norms or engaged in hate speech or wrongthink.
  • transhumanism, i.e. bringing together digital, physical, and biological systems, e.g. identity chips, body health monitoring, body enhancements, augmented and virtual reality, direct connections between the brain and digital devices

As always, these things are not going to be imposed on the people. That would be impossible. The people are going to demand these things. It is problem-reaction-solution yet again.

  • Problem: a socioeconomic system that results in mass injustice, inequality, exploitation and environmental destruction
  • Reaction: overthrow the existing socioeconomic system
  • Solution: The Great Reset

The Great Reset has a dangerously appealing name. It is not what it seems. It is a great leap forward toward the dystopia of Brave New World. It is a blueprint for global enslavement.