Beware of The Great Reset

The global elites have just announced that they are about to take complete control of the planet and all of humanity – for our benefit.  

They are calling it “The Great Reset”. 

Here is the full 80-minute video of the globalists announcing the plan, with Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles leading the sales pitch.

This 22-minute video by Spiro Skouras contains the key parts of the announcement, then breaks down what is really going on.

The Great Reset is the name of a planned transformation of the global economy, society, and humanity itself, to increase the power of the global elites. The globalists never let a crisis go to waste, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect opportunity for this global transformation to take place.

This is no mere tinkering around the edges of the existing socioeconomic system; it is the replacement of one socioeconomic system by another. It will happen in the 2020s. It represents a giant leap forward in the globalists’ long-term agenda for world domination.

The Great Reset plan has 7 sections:

  1. Shaping the Economic Recovery
  2. Redesigning Social Contracts, Skills and Jobs
  3. Restoring the Health of the Environment
  4. Developing Sustainable Business Models
  5. Revitalizing Global Cooperation
  6. Strengthening Regional Development
  7. Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Details will be announced in January 2021, but it is not hard to guess what the plan will contain. By “Shaping the Economic Recovery”, I expect the following power-centralising economic policies to be rolled out within the next decade, in most developed nations (and all to thunderous applause):

  • expanded state welfare, e.g. subsidised loan payments, furlough payments, childcare credits, income guarantees, state pension increase
  • cancellation of debt, e.g. student debt, third-world debt, high-interest debt, sovereign debt
  • bailouts and/or nationalisations of selected “too big to fail” firms and entire industries, e.g. banks, retailers, media, energy, farming, transport
  • price controls, e.g. rent freezes, maximum price controls on essential goods, minimum wage increases, maximum quantities of items that can be bought, profit and bonus caps
  • new forms of tax, e.g. automation tax, land value tax, wealth tax
  • public works projects, e.g. new transport, energy and communication infrastructure, house building, green cities
  • universal basic income, the most dangerous economic development, since it can so easily be dialled up to become universal dependency on the state

All this state expansion will require unprecedented levels of fiat money to be created in order to fund it, and some national currencies may be destroyed by hyperinflation, intentional or not. The globalists will use a currency crisis (such as in the dollar or euro) as an opportunity to transition to a one world currency that they control. They may not even need a hyperinflation to get the masses to support the idea.

The new global currency will be fully electronic; there will be a global digital central bank, with unlimited capability to create money. Control of monetary systems and central banks is a cornerstone of globalist power today, as it has been for over a century. Currency competition is the last remaining check on central banks’ capability to create money, so a one world currency would amplify that power.

The Great Reset plan is far more than just a change to the economic system. It covers these 50 domains:

  1. Inclusive Design
  2. Taxation
  3. Civic Participation
  4. Justice and Law
  5. LGBTI Inclusion
  6. Gender Parity
  7. Human Rights
  8. Systemic Racism
  9. Future of Energy
  10. Future of Mobility
  11. Forests
  12. Corporate Governance
  13. Batteries
  14. 3D Printing
  15. Circular Economy
  16. Plastics and the Environment
  17. Environment and Natural Resource Security
  18. Advancing Manufacturing and Production
  19. Future of Food
  20. Air Pollution
  21. Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  22. Global Risks
  23. Global Health
  24. Geo-economics
  25. Future of Economic Progress
  26. Geopolitics
  27. Workforce and Employment
  28. International Security
  29. Agile Governance
  30. Sustainable Development
  31. Climate Change
  32. COVID-19
  33. Biodiversity
  34. Aviation, Travel and Tourism
  35. Public Finance and Social Protection
  36. Development Finance
  37. International Trade and Investment
  38. Global Governance
  39. Banking and Capital Markets
  40. Future of Health and Healthcare
  41. Cities and Urbanization
  42. Drones
  43. Future of Computing
  44. Digital Economy and New Value Creation
  45. Digital Identity
  46. Internet Governance
  47. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  48. Future of Media, Entertainment and Culture
  49. The Ocean
  50. Fourth Industrial Revolution

Again, it is not hard to guess what The Great Reset plan will contain in these 50 domains, considering who is behind this plan and that they are trying to enslave the world. I expect the following power-centralising economic policies to be rolled out within the next decade, in most developed nations (again, all to thunderous applause):

  • mandatory vaccinations for children and all adults, and more vaccinations on the schedule, despite growing evidence that vaccines have subtle adverse neurological and immunological effects
  • expansion of the pharmacological state, promoting mass drug addiction and dependency on prescription or illegal drugs, and probably new soma-like wonder drugs sold as cures for mental illnesses
  • expanded climate change mitigation activity, e.g. carbon trading and taxes, land grabs for conservation, natural resource grabs
  • a permanent “disease threat level” control system for instructing the masses and maintaining fear (an upgrade to the familiar “terrorism threat level” ruse, but instead of being a war on terrorism it is a war on selected microorganisms, the perfect invisible enemy for a permanent war)
  • a social behaviour control system for easily adjusting local prevailing rules/norms on social distancing, sport and entertainment events, social gatherings, mask-wearing, business operating rules, mandatory tracking app requirements, curfews, local quarantines, etc, all based on disease threat level.
  • travel and access restrictions for individuals designated “dangerous” and “dirty” enemies of the state, e.g. vaccine refusers, mask refusers, those who ignore social distancing norms, requirements to prove health and vaccination status
  • social credit scoring, i.e. a reputation system which can be used to isolate any enemies of the state, or anyone belonging to the wrong identity group, or anyone who has broken social norms or engaged in hate speech or wrongthink.
  • transhumanism, i.e. bringing together digital, physical, and biological systems, e.g. identity chips, body health monitoring, body enhancements, augmented and virtual reality, direct connections between the brain and digital devices

As always, these things are not going to be imposed on the people. That would be impossible. The people are going to demand these things. It is problem-reaction-solution yet again.

  • Problem: a socioeconomic system that results in mass injustice, inequality, exploitation and environmental destruction
  • Reaction: overthrow the existing socioeconomic system
  • Solution: The Great Reset

The Great Reset has a dangerously appealing name. It is not what it seems. It is a great leap forward toward the dystopia of Brave New World. It is a blueprint for global enslavement.